Electricity generation from speed breaker pdf


    PDF | It is very significant to design pollution free energy generation system. Speed breaker Power Generator (SBPG) is the most emerging. PDF | Electricity is generated by replacing the traditional speed breakers with some simple mechanism. As vehicles pass over the speed breakers, they spin the. Electricity Generation from Speed Breakers. 1. Aniket Mishra,. 2. Pratik Kale,. 3. Atul Kamble. 1, 2, 3 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bharati Vidyapeeth.

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    Electricity Generation From Speed Breaker Pdf

    Paper ID- EME Engineering-Mechanical POWER GENERATION FROM SPEED BREAKERS USING MULTIPLE ROLLER MECHANISM Ardhendu. We can tap the energy generated and produce power by using the speed breaker as discuss about power generation from speed breaker and the possible. Power Generation through Speed breaker. Submitted by. Sr No. Name. Email-ID. Mobile no. 1. Abdulrazzak Pathan [email protected]

    Researches shows that large amount of power is generated from non-renewable energy resources compared to that of renewable energy resources. The extensive usage of available resources in recent years created a demand for the future generation. To overcome this problem we need to utilize renewable energy sources for power generation and conservation. Beneath speed breaker, setting up an electro-mechanical unit known to be power hump, could help in conserving wasted kinetic energy and use it for power generation. This generated power can be stored, by using different electrical devices and supply this energy to street lights, traffic lights, and nearby areas. In this project it is mainly focused to provide the detailed survey of power generation mechanism from renewable energy resources by making an analysis on the Roller mechanisms. This gives a details view of the mechanism generated more power output by using less weight and low cost material for its manufacturing in an efficient way with more efficiency and less maintenance. After analysis of the mechanism through software, for the proposal of implementation of the project in the society which will be very useful in the future KEYWORDS: Power generation, Speed breaker, Roller mechanism,Boost convertor. In this project, studies available conventional methods for the generation of electricity from the wasted energy. The number of vehicles passing over the speed breaker in roads is increasing. Due to this a large amount of energy is wasted daily on the speed breaker through the friction between the speed breakers and the vechicle tires during vehicle passes. There is possibility of storing this energy by making power generating system under speedbreaker. The power thus generated is stored in a rechargeable device such as battery conservation for future use conversion. Generating electricity by speed breakers is an innovative and useful concept.

    Rollers are fixed on a wooden ramp on which vehicle passes. K et al.

    The renewable source of energy from vehicle bumpers can be utilized. Antonin Stribrsky et al. During the sprung and unspring of the shock absorber linear motor was actuated thus it convert vehicle vibration caused by road disturbances in to electrical energy. Rajat Gupta et al. This material is highly Strength material only used for High stressed structures.

    And it has high stress- corrosion Cracking Resistance.

    Though the Aluminum was light weighted it will give high efficiency. Spur Gear Spur gears are mainly used for increasing the speed and for reducing the speed of the system. Here we are using Four Spur gear with two spur gear having 76 Teeth and other two having 18 teeth.

    The two types of motion that bearing allows are Rotatory and linear. Here we are using rotatory type bearing which is used in world wide which as relatively high in friction. The type of bearing rotatory so we are using ball bearing. The material used in the ball bearing is Stainless steel. Totally we are using 12 ball bearings, six in the Roller mechanism setup and Six in the Gear box setup. Timing Belt And Pulley Timing Belt drives give a positive power transmission than the other drives like chain, gears and belt.

    The Timing pulley with diameter of 40MM are made up of Aluminium and the bigger one is made up of steel. The setup of the project as follows ,the basement of the setup consist of two set of wooden ramp which tends to hold the roller mechanism.

    One set of roller mechanism contain three ball bearing on each ramp with distance of The ball bearing is made of chrome steel to avoid rust. And three Rollers R1,R2,R3 is attached to the ball bearing in both ends. Surface of the roller is attached plain rubber to increase the friction between the the roller and the vehicles tyre. The rollers are connected with Timing belt to avoid loss.

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    At the same side roller R3 have timing pulley T6. This connection will give same speed in all the Roller.

    Power Generation Using Speed Breakers Seminar Report PDF | 2018

    In R1 another pulley T1 is placed which is mm diameter is connected to T2 of 40mm placed in the gear box setup Gear Box The experimental setup of gear box contain box setup which has two set of ramp. In one set of ramp three Ball bearing is connected with distance of 94mm and three shafts S1,S2,S3 are connected with the ball bearing as shown in the figure. First shaft S1 consist of one spur gear G1 with 76 teeth which is meshed with second spur gear G2 with 18 teeth which is placed in the parallel shaft S2.

    In the same shaft S2 another Spur gear G3 with 76 teeth is placed. The shaft S3 is the output shaft R3 it is directly connected with generater shaft. The shaft S1 as timing pulley T2 in one end of the shaft. Figure 2. Roller Mechanism with gear box The simulation of the this model is done in the ansys is shown below in the figure. It is taken as the weight or mass of the vehicle as kg with driver passing over the roller.

    Roller Mechanism which applying load Below figure shows the results of the simulation on the Roller. The rotor is surrounded by a stationary casing called the stator, which contains the wound copper coils or windings.

    When the moving magnetic field passes by these windings, electricity is produced in them. By controlling the speed at which the rotor is turned, a steady flow of electricity is produced in the windings.

    These windings are connected to the electricity network via transmission lines. A vehicle weighing 1, kg going up a height of 10 cm on such a rumble strip produces approximately 0. So one such speed-breaker on a busy highway, where about vehicles pass every minute, about one kilo watt of electricity can be produced every single minute.

    The figure will be huge at the end of the day. A storage module like an inverter will have to be fitted to each such rumble strip to store this electricity. The cost of electricity generation and storage per mega watt from speed-breakers will be nearly Rs 1 crore as opposed to about Rs 8 crore in thermal or hydro power stations. The functioning will be as follows: According to concept it is known as "reciprocating bump".

    The speed breaker designed is supported on springs. It is rechargeable Type. A battery is one or more electrochemical cells, which store chemical energy and make it available as electric current. There are two types of batteries, primary disposable and secondary rechargeable , both of which convert chemical energy to electrical energy.


    Primary batteries can only be usedd once because they use up their chemicals in an irreversible reaction. Secondary batteries can be recharged because the chemical reactions they use are reversible; they are recharged by running a charging current through the battery, but in the opposite direction irection of the discharge current.

    Secondary, also called rechargeable batteries can be charged and discharged many times before wearing out. After wearing out some batteries can be recycled.

    Power Generation Using Speed Breakers Seminar Report PDF |

    Batteries have gained popularity as they became portable and useful eful for many purposes. The use of batteries has created many environmental concerns, such as toxic metal pollution. A battery is a device that converts chemical energy directly to electrical energy it consists of one or more voltaic cells.

    Each voltaic cell ce consists of two half cells connected in series by a conductive electrolyte. The electrodes do not touch each other but are electrically connected by the electrolyte, which whic can be either solid or liquid.

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